Find Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Greater Vancouver provides consumers in the Greater-Vancouver area with a quick and easy way of finding professional services and goods in their local areas. It also provides small and medium-size enterprises (SME) with local online advertising.

For Consumers

  • To quickly find a business online, just type in your search term together with the city's name.
  • Each business profile gives you the name, city, web address, or street address, contact details, and a brief description of the business (see below).
  • No more tedious searches for businesses or services.
  • serves to connect consumers in the Greater-Vancouver area with suppliers of goods and services in their local communities.
  • In order to make your search even easier we have have further categorized some professions into their various specialties allocating a webpage for each specialty, (e.g. See "Types of Photographers" below).
  • Over 90% of all businesses in the Vancouver area are classified as either small, or medium-size businesses.
  • Small and medium-size businesses do not have the high business overheads that large corporations may have, therefore, they often provide competitive pricing to consumers.

For Small Businesses

  • Provides small and medium-sized businesses with a Business-to Business Image Directory.
  • The more web exposure your business has, the more new business you will get.
  • You need multiple web exposures for your business to be found.
  • Relying on your single website to advertise your business online will only work if your business is found on the first two pages for the general search term for your type of business together with your city's name.
  • Each business profile gives your business name, address, suburb, contact details, and a one-line description of your business.
  • All our rates are affordable.
  • gets your business name in front of consumers who are looking for your specific type of business or service.
  • In order to make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, some businesses will be listed more than once, first, in their general category, then in their sub-category.
  • Over 90% of all businesses in the Vancouver area are classified as small or medium-size businesses. This makes advertising your business in Vancouver, a very competitive process.
  • also serves as an avenue for promoting small businesses and medium-sized businesses to do business to business (B2B) in addition to business to consumer (B2C).

As a service to the small and medium-size business communities we provide them with affordable online advertising.

Below are some sample displays.

Kirill Bordon Photography -- North Vancouver

Kirill Contact: Kirill Bordon
Phone: 604.720.5916
Description: North Vancouver based Weddings, Fine Art and Portrait Photographer.

Figure 3.0, Types of Photographers in Vancouver, BC

garden Commercial Photographers
Portrait Photographers
Headshot Photographers
Wedding Photographers
Fashion Photographers
Sport Photographers
Architecture Photographers

Michael Markowsky, Dynamic Visual Artist, Vancouver

michael Contact: Michael Markowsky
Phone: 604-788-5433

Your Business name here and city e.g located in Vancouver

garden Contact:
Description: .

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